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March 11, 2014
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May 6, 2014

Jaihind Mass Movement


We have a dream of progressive and economically viable Maharashtra. To achieve this dream we have founded the Jaihind movement.

The Jaihind Lokchalval is the cultural organization. To create a responsible, learned and committed citizens. To create a rung of mature leaned and aware social - national-leadership. No short term political gains. Our ideals are based on our Constitution. We take guidelines from our Constitution. It is the foundation of our future India

It is an age of transformation. Youths are aware of these heightened and changing expectations. They are cautions, conscious and choosy. For all these things, we are creating the base – work: The foundation. The Jaihind is working on various fronts: the Yuva Manch, Educational, social and political awareness wing.

The Yuva Morcha concentrates on sports and cultural activities and is keen to ensure every village has sports facilities.


Cultural activities include debates, study-circle, and an essay competition. Religious functions based on social outlook and social obligations and secular attitudes.

Educational activities include the fitness movement among the youths, children’s academy self-employment wing, literary forum and the library movement. We provide the library to every village. We have more than 100 libraries.

Our self-employment wing is the most note -worthy. We have 500 saving groups: mostly women’s groups. Covering more than 25000 women. Small scale and household earning activities are run by these saving groups following micro-finance scheme. Children’s academy handle national talent competition, various MPCC examinations. Our social activities include mass marriages and Agricultural forum. These are very special activities.

In fifteen years, we have organized 900 marriages in our special programme. All are charitable based. No expenditure to the parents. Significantly, the very popular activity. An exemplary work.

We have a democratic and secular rule. We have to crate social awareness. Responsible citizens: aware of rights and duties. We conduct classes of political education emphasizing as our responsible and responsive citizens. It is an attempt to look beyond electoral politics.

The women wing is also working on this line. We have the availability and affordability of social workers. They have devotion and determination. With the co-operation of such self-less workers, volunteers. We can achieve our dream. Let us hope. We can do it.

Dr. Sudhir Tambe (M.S.) the renowned surgeon and well known social leader is the founder of this movement.