Social projects


Jaihind Youth Movement is bound to solve social questions mainly. This is an autonomous body for enlightenment and guidance of people.

The base of this movement is equality, brotherhood, democracy and secularism. It is working for the all-round development of people. The movement arranges lectures, guidance and workshops for social empowerment.

The motto of this movement is social development of people. It is working to remove superstition, illiteracy, lack of knowledge and lack of scientific attitude. It works for the development of democracy, education, and social change, scientific attitude by arranging lectures, workshops, discussions and guidance programmes. It also strives for humanity, national Unity and devotion. It helps to imbibe love and brotherhood among castes, religions and beliefs. It also stresses the use of cleanliness, health and importance of trees in our lives.

Jaihind works with this principle to develop great human minds.


Forestation Campaign (Dandakaranya Abhiyaan) 

Is the best example which has made Sangamner and its village’s greener by tree plantation under the guidance of Hon. Great Freedom Fighter and A Sage of Co-operation Movement Shri. Bhausaheb Santuji Thorat.

It works with the Japanese philosopher who says, “If you want to plan for ten years, plant trees and if you want to plan for whole life, develop humanity”.