In order to remain healthy, government is implementing many programmes. But people are not aware of the fact.

People suffered due to lack of knowledge, superstition and lack of good health. In order to create an ideal and healthy society Jaihind Youth Movement was established on 5th August, 1998 by Hon. Dr. Sudhirji Tambe, with the blessings of Hon. Great Freedom Fighter and sage of Co-operation Bhausaheb Thorat and under the guidance of Hon. Agricultural Minister Hon’ble Shri. Balasaheb Thorat.

Jaihind Youth Movement is implementing cycle club, Yoga Club, gymnasium, Health and diet programmes with the co-operation of Mathurabai Bhausaheb Thorat hospital.

School students are guided and blood donation camp is also arranged with the help of united India Insurance Company, Amrutwahini hospital has arranged Amrut Health Insurance.

Jaihind Youth Movement is striving its best for social change by stressing the important of good health.