The aim of Agricultural club is to create modern farmers with the help of modern technique. Due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers the farmers have to face many hardships.

Jaihind Agricultural club is stressing the use of organic fertilizers which increases the production. It is guiding about the use of solar energy also.

The club is trying its best to stress the modern technique and how to save each and every drop of water. Cashew nuts project is the zenith of Jaihind Agricultural club.

Milk production is a counterpart of farming. The club gives information about how to increase milk production. The selection of cattle’s, their health, cattle feed are very important for the excessive production of milk. The club gives guidance about all these with the help of modern technique.

Natural Resources are becoming scarce day by day. The club guides the farmers about this hazard by minimum use of natural resources. I.e. petrol, oil, diesel etc. club is guiding how to make fuel useful for family at home by using soybean, sago etc. it helps to be self-reliant.

In order to give benefit to the farmers, club guides them to sell their product direct to the customers. It is done on the ground of ‘Yashodhan’ by creating stalls for the farmers. 

All the farmers are hereby requested to participate heartily to get profit with Jai hind Agricultural club.