‘Jaihind youth Movement’ is widely acclaimed for social change. President of Jaihind Youth Movement Hon. Dr. Sudhirji Tambe opines that ‘an ideal society can be created by ideal youth'.

Jaihind literature club is an integral part of it. It implements the following projects. 

Various literary persons form city and villages are invited in June and they discuss on story-telling, poem singing, essay reading etc.

Jaihind literature Gathering is arranged once in a year. Newcomers are also included along with famous personalities. Educational seminars, speeches and a gathering of poets are arranged.

Literature workshops are arranged for students of colleges. Dignitaries are invited to guide the students on various topics. 

Essay Competition, Elocution Competition are arranged for secondary students. Debate competition is open for all winners are honoured and rewarded with prize.

Jaihind literature prizes are there for unique stories, dramas, one act plays, poems, biographies and autobiographies. The authors are honored and rewarded with prizes. 

A Gathering of poets is arranged once in a year. People heartily have the pleasure of such programmes.