Establishment of Jaihind Youth Movement is an open platform for transformation of an ideal society.

India has a wide history of movements. The great freedom fighters created many movements for the freedom struggle. Movement helps the people to make progress in every walk of life. It may be any time. It may be time before independence or after it..

Ours is democracy which is useful for the welfare of the society. ‘Jaihind Youth Movement’ is one such movement which is devoted for the upliftment of the society. It is originated by Hon. Dr. Sudhirji Tambe.

Let’s have a glance over its workout! It seems that humanity is demolished. So we must burn the candle of humanity. We must look at our family, our village, Taluka, District, State, Country and the world with the eye of humanity.

We are living the life of freedom today but we must keep in mind the sacrifice or our freedom fighters. This new generation neglected the fact, so it is useless according to them. We see the strife in the name of language, region, caste, creed and belief. The result is that terrorism is everywhere. We adopted democracy which gives us freedom but the people who didn’t have any contribution in the freedom movement are creating insecure atmosphere. If the people don’t have trust and love, if they are not feeling secure in their own country, it is a great disgrace on our part. In such moment of crisis we shouldn’t sit and watch. We should not only have good thoughts but good actions also. Because ‘Action speaks louder than words’.

So, every youth should come forward. We should give sacrifice for our democracy. The old rituals and customs fail to achieve the new horizons of 21st century. So we should change ourselves according to the changing time. Because the only constant thing in our life is change’.

We try our best to fight against old deceptive beliefs. But the need of the hour is to route all the efforts in one way with social movement for this purpose we should come forward and form a movement which is not based on religion or politics.

Our Mission Page data.

To give importance to the principals of unity, democracy, sovereignty, secularity, equality and fraternity of Indian constitution.
Establishment of Jaihind Youth Movement is an open platform for transformation of an ideal society.

It is necessary for the youth to come together for the transformation of society. The new generation has entered in the politics as a voting bank who are above 18 years. We should see that we should not lose the originality and ingenuity in the corwds of election. Our great freedom fighter and social worker Mahatma Jyotiba Phule has explained the reality that man is quarreling in the name of caste, creed and religion. We must think about it.

For how many years should we water the plant of superstition and old customs?

We should follow the principles of Buddha, Mahatma Phule, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Nehru.
Let’s break the clutches of castes and religions. We should create an ideal society which is based on scientific attitude and a great human culture. We must strive our best for the upliftment of each and every individual by giving the principals like freedom, brotherhood, and National Integration. If somebody tries to destroy this upliftment of our India we should strive hard and oppose it.

- JaiHind Lokchalwal (People’s Movement)